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QA9011X - Digital Hotplate Stirrer


Digital Magnetic Stirrer with Heating 

  • With constant stirring and intermittent stirring functions, circulation period and interruption time-period can be set
  • Heating plate with Stainless steel surface (Another type porcelain enamel surface with excellent chemical resistance
  • Automatic judgment stirring bar displacement and capture automatically
  • Single temperature sensor,protection temperature can be set
  • Warning display indicating presence of any residual heat when the unit is switched off
  • Easy-to-read backlit LCD display
  • Fuzzy control and microprocessor technology guarantee maximum control accuracy
  • PC control via RS232 interface, software is available to control and document all measuring values via PC. Parameter can be set to carry out safety monitoring

Voltage [VAC] 85~265
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Power [W] 230(220Vsupply)
Stirring point position quantity 1
Max. stirring quantity (H2O) [l] 20
Max. magnetic bar [mm] 80
Motor type Exterior rotor brushless motor
Motor rating input [W] 19.2
Motor rating output [W] 10
Speed range [rpm] 0 – 1500
Speed display LCD
Speed display accuracy [rpm] 1
Material Stainless steel(porcelain enamel)
Dimension of heating plate [mm] φ135
Heat output [W] 200(220Vsupply)
Heating rate (1L water) [K/min] 6
Temperature range [℃] RT-300
Temperature display LCD
Temperature display accuracy [℃] 0.1
Control accuracy of heating temperature [℃] 1
Adjustable safety circuit (heating plate) [℃] 50-350
Adjustable safety circuit (reaction liquid) [℃] 50-350
Temperature sensor of extraposition PT100/PT1000
Control accuracy of heating temperature with temperature sensor [℃] 0.2
Dimension (D×W×H[z1] ) [mm] 280×160×85
Weight [kg] 2.8
Permissible ambient temperature [℃] 5-40
Permissible relative humidity 80%
Protection class acc. to DIN EN60529 IP42
RS232 interfaces Yes

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