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Welcome at Qis

Contact the team

Mr. Ben-willem Boels

Apart from the duties of Managing Director, Ben-willem is directly responsible for all OEM and private label products as well as dealing with difficult technical and application problems.


Mrs. Nicole Boels-Damsté

Nicole is responsible for the management of the accounts of the company and ensuring that our terms of payment are met. 


Mrs. Carin van der Linden
Sales support representative

Carin is responsible for Asian and Middle East dealer network as well as delivery queries on both orders placed and those about to be placed. Questions on pricing discrepancies. Warranty complaints, repairs and replacements. 

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De Kreek 12
4906 BB Oosterhout
The Netherlands
Tel. : +31 (0)162-471485
Fax : +31 (0)162-471486

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